How to Start a Wax Melt Business from Home in the UK

Candle production can become a profitable and not requiring large initial investments business direction that can be organized from home. Although candles are almost not used as a light source, they remain in demand as an element of interior decoration in UK homes or a gift.

Despite the high competition, entry to this market is open for beginners. And there is a potential for growth, thanks to the annual increase in demand for candle products.

What you need to make candles at home

What you need to make candles at home
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

For candle making a minimum set of candle supplies will be required, most of which are available in every household:

  • stove;
  • a pair of aluminum pots of different sizes;
  • metal knife for cutting material;
  • paraffin (wax, stearin);
  • wick;
  • silicone, metal or plastic candle molds;
  • dyes or colored sand;
  • thermometer.

It remains only to allocate a workplace, learn how to make candles, and start manufacturing. If you want to develop your start up, then you may need someone to set up.


When making candles, one of 3 materials is used – wax, paraffin or stearin. Most often, a mixture of paraffin with stearin and additives is used. Stearin should be added about 15% so that the candle becomes solid and its shrinkage decreases. But it is not necessary to use this particular mixture. It all depends on what purposes the candle will be used for in the future. In order for the candle to have no smell of petroleum products, then a flavoring agent should be added.

If you decide to make a candle out of wax, then it also happens to be of several types, bee and soy are more often used. But wax is not suitable for beginners, since beeswax is harder to work with than paraffin, it requires more skills and patience.

Search for sales channels

Search for sales channels
Photo by Daniel Andrade on Unsplash

You can sell goods through an online store, your own website, forums and other Internet platforms, for example, Instagram. Promotion will be promoted by advertising on social networks, distribution through bloggers, customer feedback.

Starting the candle business, three components are important: technology, quality of execution and imagination. They influence whether the products will be in demand and generate income. Having mastered the subtleties of the business and having accumulated a customer base, you can develop the small wax melt business and move on.