How to Start a Nail Business at Home in the UK

With the right implementation, home manicure as a business can become a major source of income. This type of starting does not require large investments and long-term training. For your nail service to be a profitable business, you must first complete training and develop a detailed start up plan that takes into account initial costs, organizational issues, and a customer acquisition strategy.

Do not underestimate the qualifications

Do not underestimate the qualifications
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 If you know how to take care of your own nails, this does not guarantee success in set up. You need to know and have experience in performing typical procedures: cleaning, hardware manicure and pedicure, extensions with various materials, restoration and artistic painting.

You can get a specialized education in the following ways: General nail service training courses; Individual lessons with the master. Duration of training up to 1 month. After the course, it will take another 2-3 months to develop practical skills. This period will also allow you to evaluate how suitable this type of activity is for you. You can practice: Working in the salon; Providing services at the cost of materials to friends.

List of services and organizational issues

First of all, you must determine what services you will provide and how your small nail business will be organized.

Organizational issues include:

  • Place of work – at your home or with a visit to the client. When working at home, determine which room will be determined for this (a separate room, an area in a common room, a balcony).
  • Time and work schedule – how many days per week (what days are these) and hours per day (from what time to what time) you can allocate for work. Calculate the conditional working hours per week and per month. How payment is planned – cash, bank transfer using mobile acquiring. The list of types of services determines the amount of initial costs for equipment and consumables, as well as the rationing of working hours.
Place of work
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In real practice, home nail business in the UK rarely begins with an integrated approach. But having a clear plan, you can easily highlight the main points and, starting with the main thing, do not miss the important little things that make your business profitable and successful.