How to Start a Resin Business in the UK

The small resin business is exactly the direction that can meet the needs of the handmade accessories market 100%.

For decorative purposes, it is most rational to use transparent resin. If you need to supplement the product with color, special paint pigments are used. The choice of such an additive within the Internet market is also extremely large.

Which epoxy resin products are relevant as a business?

resin products are relevant as a business
Photo by Bakhrom Tursunov on Unsplash

Starting a business, choose a niche of production, which depends on the skills and resin ideas of the master. It is easier for women to turn to jewelry, and it is better for men to go to the production of aspic tables. In a separate category, it is possible to allocate master classes, but such earnings are relevant only for existing specialists in this field.

  • Manufacture of faceted furniture

A truly exclusive product that requires a sophisticated buyer. Thanks to the abundant filling of construction consumables, you can get a sparkling interior element.

  • Aspic countertops

Of all the varieties of large epoxy products, this resin art is considered the most popular. Due to the physical properties of epoxy resin, at the exit a person has the opportunity to get a high-quality product with a unique design solution. Manual development of tables made of epoxy resin never leads to the same result. Each product is unique in its own way.

For the manufacture of aspic countertops, rubber, phosphorescent paint, wood and other small decorative details are required. The disadvantage of the products is their high cost, because for regular sales it is better to cooperate with wholesale buyers or chain furniture stores.

  • Jewelry
Photo by Inga Engele on Unsplash

The most appropriate option of production at home. Thanks to the simplicity of manufacturing with their own hands and a minimal supply of materials, even a child can make jewelry from epoxy resin. At cost, costume jewelry comes out much cheaper than countertops, and it’s easier to store it. This option does not require asking someone for set up.

What tools will be needed:

  • weights;
  • mini drill + attachments to it;
  • sanding paper;
  • toothpicks;
  • disposable cups;
  • syringes for infusion of epoxy resin.

In order to avoid poisoning by fumes during work, you need to use gloves and a respirator. In addition, ventilate the room every 10-15 minutes.

Any product needs initial promotion. Given the peculiarity of the direction and the instability of demand, it is necessary to engage in an advertising campaign in business on epoxy resin products even before the start up itself.